We challenge you to do more than just watch the video. We need you to engage in additional conversations to maximize the impact of this message.

If you’re an executive board member, we ask that you first watch this video as a group, and then use the discussion guide provided to engage in a larger, broader conversation with your chapter. You may even elect to extend the conversation to address how you and other organizations can continue to be a part of the solution.

If you are uncomfortable leading that discussion, you may want to ask your chapter advisor or chapter counselor to help, as for many of us, the concepts and ideas seen in this video may be brand new.  You could also invite someone from fraternity/sorority life to assist in facilitating the discussion. 

Upon completion of this conversation we challenge all chapters to take a photo with the I Took an Oath cards provided and share that commitment on social media. We encourage you to take that photo with other fraternities and sororities on your campus.

Continuing the conversation

As members of fraternities and sororities, living our Oath is more than taking a photo and posting it on Facebook or Instagramit should be a commitment to live that Oath daily. These conversations allow us to explore those opportunities further.

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Once you've held your discussion, show the world what it means to live our Oaths everyday. Sign your name to the card and post it to social media using #LiveYourOath as a demonstration of your commitment.

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