Prior to hosting the discussion, you will want to do the following:

  1. Thoroughly review the Live Your Oath discussion guide, question prompts and official answers to the questions posed. 
  2. Identify a facilitator for the meeting. This can be your chapter advisor/chapter counselor, fraternity and sorority life staff member, faculty advisor or member of the executive board. Your chapter may find it helpful to utilize an advisor or campus staff member to help guide the conversation. 
  3. Research your campus’ policies on Title IX, consent, sexual assault and sexual misconduct. 
  4. Decide on a location for the discussion. Reserve a “smart classroom” or have access to a projector and WiFi connection. If your chapter facility is not conducive to this discussion due to technology limitations and/or space, then we encourage you to hold this meeting outside of the chapter facility. This may also aid helping your members take the topic seriously. The use of a projector will also allow the facilitator to demonstrate to those in attendance how to access the policies for reference and to educate the chapter on how to find them. 
  5. Print, or send out in advance, the discussion questions for the meeting. 
  6. Ensure you have enough printed copies of the discussion questions for individuals to share or have own copy. Ensure you have enough printed copies of the “I Took an Oath” cards for each individual in attendance. If possible, please print in color. 
  7. Identify the space you will take the photo of the group holding their “I Took an Oath” cards and the member who will be taking that photo.

Hosting the discussion:

  1. Since you will have access to WiFi and projection (i.e., “smart room” on campus, equipped chapter facility, etc.), play the video for the entire chapter. 
  2. Upon completion of the video, have the facilitator process through the discussion questions ensuring that the answers provided (see  Live Your Oath discussion guide) are shared with the group. NOTE: Please ensure that the facilitator has a printed copy of this discussion guide for use during this hosted session.
  3. Please ensure that you have already researched where to find your campus policies regarding consent, sexual misconduct and Title IX rights for all parties. Share those policies and ensure all members of your chapter understand them. 
  4. Upon completion of the discussion questions, lead a conversation as to how your members can begin to keep each other and your guests safe in our facilities and at our events. Please come up with concrete action steps and work to ensure all chapter members agree to them. 
  5. Please ensure that you have researched in advance the support resources available to victims/survivors of sexual assault/misconduct and students accused of sexual assault/misconduct. Share those with the group for future reference. 
  6. Encourage your chapter members to post the LiveYourOath video to their social media accounts so that other fraternity men and sorority women outside of SigEp and Alpha Delta Pi can benefit as well. 
  7. Please remind members that living their Oath is more than just signing a card and placing it on social media, it’s a true commitment to living the values of our organizations every day. 
    • For Alpha Delta Pi: Reference the Creed of Alpha Delta Pi. 
    • For SigEp: Use Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love. 
    • For other fraternal organizations: Reference your creed or values. 
  8. Before you leave for the #LiveYourOath photo, pass out the “I Took an Oath” cards so that everyone can write their name on the cards.